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May 25 2018

Our Top 5 Garage Door Openers On The Market

by Denver Locksmith Pros in Garage Door Repair

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It isn’t that hard to understand the appeal of garage door openers. The tools are designed to give you convenient access to your garage is the premier source for every kind of garage door, from historic mahogany to ultra-modern aluminum and glass sectionals. With the simple push of a button, you can open or close your garage door without exiting your vehicle and expose your person to rain, snow or any other elements that might make going outside unpleasant.

It is because garage door openers are so convenient and, hence, so popular that purchasing one has become a complicated process.  With so many such devices hitting the market every day, designed to meet the rising demand, it can prove difficult to sift through all the options on the market in order to identify the best possible garage door opener for your needs.

And if you would rather not scrutinize the design, security components and hardware of every garage door opener you encounter in your attempts to find a product that gives you the best value for your money, you could just as easily make a selection from one of these openers. You have a lot of options if you need a roll-up door to choose from below. Call us or talk to experts at https://www.globalrollershutters.com.au/ for more details on this.

The Best Garage Door Openers The Market Currently Has To Offer

1). Chamberlain WD962

Chamberlain WD962If you are looking for a great garage door opener, most people will recommend the Chamberlain brand. They have an impeccable reputation. And this particular item from their collection tends to stand out not only because the belt driven design makes it quiet but also because of the presence of smart features like WiFi connectivity and an integrated battery that will allow you to operate this garage door opener even when your home loses power

The presence of a vibration isolation system improves the noise issue by reducing vibrations. There is no better garage door opener on the market today.

2). Chamberlain WD832

Like other high-end Chamberlain openers, this one uses a vibration isolation system to guarantee quiet operations, not to mention a timer functionality which ensures that the garage door closes automatically, just in case you forget to close it; there are also MyQ systems that make it possible to control your garage door opener using a smartphone.

The presence of Rapid-Snap Brackets in the security system avails greater safety.

3). Chamberlain WD1000W

With the WD1000WF, users can look forward to a belt driven 1.25 HP system with operations so quiet that even the people sleeping above or next to the garage are unlikely to wake up as you either open or close your garage door.

MyQ technologies make the monitoring and control of your garage that much easier using your smartphone, this along with a scheduling feature.
The WD1000WF doesn’t have as many features as some of its competitors but it will get the job done.

4). Sommer Direct Drive

The Sommer Garage opener has a solid steel rail with a stationary chain. The product tends to stand out because its motor is found at the door where others are typically located behind the opener.

This results in greater power. Along with smooth and quiet operations (almost no vibrations) and soft start and stop mechanisms which make this one of the least intrusive devices on the market, the Sommer garage door opener has a powerful light beam sensor that guarantees greater security.

5). Chamberlain PD510

People flock to the PD510 because it is so surprisingly cheap. This is despite offering a reliable, strong 1/2HP Motor, HomeLink Compatibility, and WiFi capabilities. The PD510 does not have the most impressive list of features but its quality and stability make its price a great bargain.

openerGarage Door Openers come in very many shapes and sizes, and finding the best one for your needs will probably never get easier. But one of the options above is bound to satisfy you.


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