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Mar 07 2016

The Importance Of Getting Your Door Locks Rekeyed

by Denver Locksmith Pros in Locksmith Services

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deadbolt13The locks on your doors are probably the most important element of your home or office’s security. If you cannot properly maintain and ensure the integrity of your door locks, you cannot hope to truly keep unauthorized visitors from your home.All know the importance of security doors.

According to Security Doors Sunshine Coast most security professionals will encourage you to change your locks on a relatively regular basis; this is especially true if unexpected circumstances such as the loss of your keys or a breach of security occurs. As like door security window security is also important, EZ Window composite secure window system.

However, it has become increasingly common for homeowners to rekey their door locks; while situations will occur eventually necessitating the replacement of one’s locks, lock rekeying is fast becoming the most popular means of ensuring the security of a home, and not just because of its relatively inexpensive nature.The northcote locksmith helps you to all your  security related issues of property.

+What is Rekeying?

The term basically refers to changing the tumblers in the cinder of a lock to prevent an older key or set of keys from working. With rekeying, you are recoding preexisting door locks to enable them to accept a new set of keys.

+How does Rekeying Work?

Complex as it might sound rekeying is a very straightforward process, a simple matter of replacing the lock pins in the cylinder, changing the tumbler configuration and then cutting a new set of keys to open this newly configured lock.

It is important to remember the fact that, once you rekey your door lock, its old set of keys will not work.

+The Importance of Getting your Door Locks Rekeyed?

Why rekey your locks? This is a question you might be asking as a home owner. Is there any real purpose in changing the configuration of your door lock’s tumbler?

One of the highly reviewed and recommended locksmith from Edinburgh UK suggests that more often than not, rekeying is a security measure, a means of ensuring that the sanctity of your home remains undefiled, some factors that could drive you to get your door locks rekeyed including the following:

  • locked out1) The most common driving factor for rekeying door locks is the loss of one’s keys. When you lose the keys to your door locks, it is only natural to either change your locks or rekey them. This is the only way to ensure that those who find your keys do not use the opportunity to access your home. Most locksmiths would encourage you to rekey your door locks even if you lose and then find your keys.

So long as you are unable to account for the whereabouts of your keys for any notable amount of time, there is no telling what other nefarious minds might have done with them. If you think that there is even a remote possibility of unknown parties having made copies of your keys, you are encouraged to rekey your door locks.You can buy more secure doors from www.customscreens.com.au/security-doors.


  • 2) When you move into a new home, it is only rational to rekey the locks of your doors. So long as you are not the first person to live in your new home, the only way to ensure your security is to either change or rekey your locks. It would be folly to trust the former occupants of the property or even your landlord to not misuse any access they might have to your new home.

Whenever to move, you are encouraged to make sure that only you and those you trust have the keys to your door locks.


  • Divorce3) You must rekey your door locks anytime someone moves out of your house. Whether it is a roommate moving on to bigger things or a marriage partner with whom you have separated, it is imperative that you rekey your door locks every time someone with prior access to your home leaves.


The bottom-line is this: your door locks are your most important line of defense against invasion. So long as you do not think you can trust all the people that have keys to your locks, you are encouraged to rekey your locks, if only to ensure that only those individual who have been authorized by you can access your property.

+Benefits of Rekeying your Door Locks

Most locksmith services you meet will encourage you to rekey your door locks because they have a vested interest in convincing you to rekey your locks, you cannot be faulted for approaching this advise with some suspicion.

However, there is a reason why rekeying is so popular today, some benefits that make this method of ensuring the security of your property so attractive including the following:

savings-Rekeying is very cost-effective, especially when you compare it to total lock replacement. You are going to save a lot of money by rekeying your locks instead of changing them, especially if you are dealing with multiple locks.

-Rekeying is faster than lock replacement. In fact, it takes half as much time to rekey door locks as it does to replace them completely; and if you are dealing with multiple doors, you are going to appreciate the expediency of rekeying.

-Rekeying is a far more secure process than lock replacement. Think about; rekeying allows you to control the distribution of the newly cut keys to your newly rekeyed lock. In other words, you can limit access to your home with greater accuracy.

-Rekeying is convenient. You do not have to carry multiple keys to open multiple locks. With rekeying, you can use a single key to open all the locks in your home or office, this adding a level of convenience to your daily activities.

+Rekeying your Door Locks

There are a number of options you can pursue to rekey your locks, with your method of choice depending on factors like cost, time and the number of door locks involved.

The easiest method of getting your locks rekeyed is to hire a professional locksmith. Certified locksmiths might be costly, but you are guaranteed quality results, especially if you are dealing with complex locks.

However, if you can remove the locks from your doors and transport them to a hardware store, they should be able to perform the rekeying process for a small fee.

With the necessary skills, you could just as easily rekey your locks by yourself. There are various rekeying kits on the market that could prove useful in your endeavors, though you are discouraged against undertaking this task unless you are completely confident in your skills.

It is worth keeping in mind the fact that lock replacement is sometimes unavoidable. Old locks for instance, must be replaced no matter the costs you have to incur. No amount of rekeying will improve the integrity of locks that are either too old or too damaged to keep your doors secure.

For the most part, though, rekeying is a very effective means of ensuring the security of your home or office; inexpensive, straightforward and not as time consuming as lock replacement. Call Denver Locksmith Pros today for rekeying services!

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