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Denver, CO Car Key Replacement

Spend Less On Replacement Car Keys In Denver!

Have you ever lost your car keys? For those who have you understand how bothersome it usually is. Lacking your car keys means no transportation and no way of getting to your workplace, school or anywhere else. You can fix this issue by calling a reliable Denver, Colorado locksmith to replace your car keys right away.

Car Key Replacement & Programming

Dealership costs can be excessive for replacement car keys and key programming, therefore, it’s far better to get in touch with a neighborhood automotive locksmith. We can supply you with much lower rates, along with faster turnaround times additionally, the equivalent or better quality keys. Regardless if you drive a Chevy or Lexus, this consistently remains true.

Professional Duplication For Car Keys In Denver Colorado

It is a good idea to possess additional keys for the car, however, it’s not a must to pay high dealer prices. A large number of car dealers would love for consumers to assume that car key replications cost the same amount as brand-new car keys nonetheless they really don’t. Give us a call and we’re going describe exactly what is involved and the price tag right over the telephone.

Laser Cut Car Key Systems

Car Keys are becoming more hi-tech on a regular basis. Many cars are starting to work with laser cut keys.

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A Look at How Much It Costs To Program A Car Key

Most car owners usually wonder: how much does it cost to program a car key? Car keys have an uncanny ability of getting lost. This was not a very big deal before the 1990s. The car owner could get a spare key a locksmith shop, a hardware store or at the car dealership. All in all, since copying a car key was easy, it was also easier for the car to be stolen. Nowadays, advances in key technology have it more difficult to steal cars, but the cost of key replacements has also risen. Below is a rundown of how much a car owner will part with in order to replace keys, together with some alternatives that could lower the bill.

locksmtih programminga cer keyApart from its unique cut, a basic car key does not have a security feature. The long metal part of the key known as the shank has grooves and cuts similar to a house key. Copying such keys is easy. A locksmith does not require any additional equipment as he or she can use the same machine used to cut other keys. A locksmith can charge about $3 for a basic key. A benefit of having the replacement done at a dealership is getting the automaker’s branding on the key’s head. An average dealership charges about $12 for a basic key.

An electronic key fob, also referred to as transmitter or remote, is an integral part of the key set on a majority of modern cars. Replacing an electronic fob at a dealership can cost between $50 and $90, depending on the complexity of design or the automaker. All fobs have to be reprogrammed. While some dealerships will do it for free, other will charge for the time. The good news is that there is a way to avoid this fee. It is possible to program most fobs using a specific combination of key turns into the ignition button presses on the remote. How this is done can be found in some owner’s manual or online. Also, there are aftermarket fobs that can be bought from a locksmith or online. While their quality varies, they are a cheaper alternative for someone who has lost his or her fob.

After the late 1990s, manufacturers started placing transponder chips in the key’s plastic head. A chip sends a signal to a receiver found in the ignition. Should this ?immobilizer’ detect a wrong signal when the wrong key is in the ignition, the car will not start. The shank of a transponder key is either a laser-cut key or a basic key. A difference between a transponder key and a basic key is the chip found in the transponder has to be programmed before it can start the car. All dealerships have the equipment needed to program the key. While some dealers might program it for free, others usually charge a fee for their time. Most auto locksmiths also have these machines.

hand-holding-car-keyIn some cars, the fob and the transponder key are an all-in-one unit. This adds to the key’s price and also makes it harder to get spares somewhere else apart from the dealership. A key goes for about $160 and an extra $75 for the fob. Locksmiths charge between $20 and $30 less. A low-cost to accessing a car involves ordering basic key that does not have a transmitter. Such a key will do everything but start the engine. It can also come in handy if the car owner leaves the keys inside the car.

The difference between a laser-cut key and a basic key is that it has fewer carved-out grooves and a slightly thicker shank. Laser-cut keys are often called sidewinder keys because of their unique winding cut found on the shank. The equipment needed to cut such keys are significantly more expensive when compared to key cutting machines. They are unlikely to be found on hardware store or locksmith. These keys have built-in transponder chips that need to be programmed by a locksmith or at the dealership. All-in-one laser-cut keys are gaining popularity. However, they are more expensive and usually have to be replaced at the dealership. The cost can range between $150 and $250, including labor.

There is no denying the fact that modern car keys are expensive. This means the best defense for a car owner against losing the keys is a good offense. Getting a spare key is better than stressing out and spending money in emergencies.

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Denver Locksmith Pros – Car Key Replacement

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 13 reviews

 by John
Outstanding service

There isn’t a bad thing I can say about this company. Their price they quoted me was great and they stood by it. They also were able to come to me and replace my key within an hour of calling them. Will definitely contact them again if I ever need a locksmith.

 by Barb Livingston

Fast to arrive and fast to do the job. I’ll continue to call these guys if I ever need a locksmith for car key replacement!

 by Jeremy F.
Heck yes!

These guys are awesome! Lost my key and these guys were to the rescue! Decent price and professional. What more can you ask?

 by Kim B.

Outstanding service. Got my purse stolen with my keys in it, these guys came to me within the hour of me calling, and in another 15 minutes had me a new key cut! The last time I needed a key, I used a dealership which took days, cost more AND I had to tow my car to them. These guys are the best thing to happen to losing keys EVER!

 by Michael Miller
Couldn’t ask for better

Showed up to me quick and got the job done. A lot of people won’t do Cadillac keys other than the dealership so I was pleasantly surprised that I could get a new key without somehow getting my car to them. They were fast, friendly and got the job done quick. I’ll be recommending them to all my family and friends.

 by Larry Contrell

Great service, friendly staff… They literally saved my day and the technicians are heroes. Arrived before the initial ETA. Very pleased with this service.

 by Rico Livingston
Rico Approved

Las Vegas Locksmith Pros came to the rescue in under 40 mins and was friendly and efficient. Great service all around. I’m more thankful that the price was well cheaper than the Kia dealership!

 by Robin Lapczynski
Holy Fast Keys!

He came to replace my Toyota keys a couple month ago. Very fast service. I was so satisfied. Thank you so much

 by Eva Ventrone
Lost keys

I lost my car keys and called the dealership to see about getting a new set. The amount of time it would take these guys was crazy! So, a friend of mine referred Denver Locksmith Pros and these guys came out the same day. Job well done!

 by Valerie Moonbush
Life Savers!

I had recently went hiking with my husband up around Golden Gate Canyon State Park. About 3 hours in, I realize that I didn’t have our Jeep Cherokee keys anymore. So as we’re hiking back, and after about an hour and a half of frantically looking, I was able to get online where I found you, our saviors! By the time we finally made it back to our Jeep, Denver Locksmith Pros were waiting for us and had our replacement key ready in a jiffy! I’m so thankful for you guys, you have no idea!

 by Jeremy Thomas
Needed Ford Car Key Replaced

So, I was running one morning and had my car key on me. I got back home and realized I had lost my key. I jumped on the internet and found Denver Locksmith Pros and couldn’t be happier. They showed up within an hour and in no time at all, I had my replacement car key. I will refer everyone I know to these guys. Very polite and professional.

 by Jared Dougan
Had To Replace Honda Keys

Not sure why I though it was smart to go white water rafting with my car keys in my pocket. Long story short they are now gone. Luckily I called these guys as they were super fast. I called them around noon and they were already at my house programming my keys at 2. Great service all around.

 by Laci Spencer

I had lost my car keys when out last night. I thought I was going to have to go to the dealership to get them replaced. But when I searched in Google for car key services these guys showed up and it said they could come to me. This worked out great. I called and 40 minutes later they were here programming a new car key for me. Price seemed fair to me as well.

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