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home front door lock goldIt’s not difficult to break into doors and even if your neighborhood is devoid of robbery cases; there is no harm in having a top-notch security. While you definitely do not need any reminders of how safety, locks are the essentials for defense against burglary and break-ins. We all have used locks and keys in our lives but somehow we have failed to understand the value. They can provide much-needed security and prevention from unwanted people apart from keeping our belongings safe. If there were no security measures, we would all fall prey to violence and petty thefts.

If you are just moving in, carrying out renovation in your apartment or you feel you need to increase the safety in your apartment, contact the locksmith in your area, who can help you figure out which door locks are perfect for your needs. In such cases, it is essential for the owner to know what kinds of locks are available in the market and what they can install in their apartments. Here we will discuss a few locks available in the market.

1. Padlocks

These types of locks are portable and can be used on the latch of the door. These locks come in various types, i.e. the combination type or the keyed type. The combination padlock can be unlocked with the help of a code while the keyed type requires a key to open. It is available in many sizes and varieties and it can provide security to your apartment.

2. Jimmy proof deadbolts

These locks are found on apartment doors or double doors and have an interlocking mechanism which prevents it from being removed from the door via prying. It features a rim cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. This type of lock provides a good security and doesn’t need a lot of modifications for installation.

3. Passage Lockset

Yale_lever_handle_passage lockThis kind of lock is usually installed inside the home in areas where locking the door isn’t mandatory, for example, closets between rooms or hallways. It features knobs on each side of the door. Some models of the passage lockset can include level instead of a knob.

4. Privacy Lockset

This kind of lock is also installed inside the home and it’s meant for giving you privacy rather than security. It features two knobs installed on both sides of the door, the knob on the inside button features a locking button and the outside knob in non-locking. So this door can be opened from inside rather than the outside. It can either have a knob or a lever.

5. Dummy Knob

This kind of knobs are used merely for decoration and do not have any locking mechanism.

6. Entry Lockset

This type of lock provides security as well as privacy. It features knobs on the outside and inside. It has several models, for example, one model features a lockable button on the inside and requires a key for the outside knob. In another variant, the key is required for both inside and outside doorknobs. You can also install a dead latch to enhance security.

7. Deadbolt Lock

This kind of lock can provide the maximum security and is installed on the main door of the apartment. The door comes in three types – single cylinder, double cylinder, and lockable thumb turn. The deadbolts need to be operated manually with the help of a key or thumb turn from the inside. The name deadbolt comes from the fact that it doesn’t work on springs.

deadbolt lockSingle cylinder deadbolt can be operated with the help of a key from outside and thumb-turn on the inside. However, the downside of using this lock is anyone can break into the apartment with the help of a window and open the main door with the help of a thumb turn. Hence, people usually prefer the double-cylinder deadbolt as it requires a key from inside and outside. However, they can pose a danger in case you lose the key and you are stuck in an emergency. The final type is the lockable thumb turn which features a thumb turn on the inside along with a single-cylinder deadbolt. The door can be opened from the inside using the thumb turn without using the key if it’s left unlocked.

8. Night Latch

This kind of lock is used on the inner surface of the door and it is installed with another lock as it provides light security. The latch can automatically lock the door once it is closed.

9. Keyless Entry System

This kind of lock is usually preferable for enhancing your security. This system doesn’t require a key and can be opened with the help of a code. Once you have set a code, you can see audio and visual indicators confirming your code is activated. However, you cannot use the same code twice.

10. Handleset

Handleset combines a lockset with a deadbolt and available in a one or two piece unit. This lockset is present just above the door handle or knob.

We are proud to provide the high quality lock and key services for all of Denver, CO. We are here to help keep the homes here that much safer.

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