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Ignition Switch Repair & Replace Denver CO

Denver Ignition RepairA common problem that our locksmiths at Denver Locksmith Pros get called to fix is broken or sticking ignition switches. We can perform ignition repair for vehicles of all kinds anywhere in the Denver, Colorado area. Our locksmiths will diagnose the problem and replace your ignition with a high-quality aftermarket part that is just as good or better than OEM materials. Our aftermarket parts are the best in the business, and our pricing is usually much lower than dealership pricing, in some cases, we can save you over 200$ on your ignition switch replacement!

We also perform broken car key ignition removal for when you may happen to break your key in the process of starting your vehicle.

Ignition Stuck?

Ignition Will Not Turn?

Car Key Not Going All The Way Into The Ignition?

We provide repair & replacement services for ignitions for almost every make and model on the road!

Diagnosing Ignition Switch Symptoms:

There can be a few things that cause your car not to start other than the ignition switch, so you will want to make sure you are dealing with the correct problem before calling us at Denver Locksmith Pros.

Check your car battery with a voltmeter, and if that works you can move on to checking the ignition switch. You can do this by seeing if the warning lights turn on when the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, then you are probably dealing with ignition switch issues. Also if the warning lights turn on when the key is inserted, but do not turn off when you turn the keys in the ignition, it is a sure sign that you will have to replace your cars ignition switch or locking mechanism.

black ignition switch for carA few vehicles possess more of a history of ignition troubles, these being the Honda Civic, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Ridge-line, and the Chevy Cavalier.

Car or truck ignition troubles are a typical reason for contacting a professional locksmith at Denver Locksmith Pros. Our pro auto locksmiths will make sure that your ignition switch is back to fantastic working order using our fast repair or replacement services in Denver. There are lots of advantages to choosing our mobile ignition solutions other than going to the car dealership or car mechanic shop.

1. Spend less – You don’t need to tow your car or truck & we are up to 200$ less than the dealership

2. Save your precious time – Our car locksmiths have the ability to swap most ignitions within 1 hour of coming to your vehicle.

How much will it cost for motor vehicle ignition switch replacement?

Pricing for ignition fixes depend on numerous variables, from the number of parts need replacing to the car or truck brand name and year. Our goal is always to supply our clients with the greatest value possible for our services with impressive charges for all makes and models. Normally the our services are typically in the $110-$375 span, and for a number of the more complicated models can be over 400$. For virtually all models of car or truck, we’ll do better than the dealership’s and car shops rates, from time to time by over two hundred dollars!.

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Denver Locksmith Pros – Ignition Services

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 3 reviews

 by Jill Munn

Snapped my darn key off inside my ignition. It got stuck and I probably tried a little too hard to get it out, oops! Anyways, Denver Locksmith Pros came out, got my key out, programmed me another one and I was good to go. Very professional company!

 by Kimberly D.
Woot Woot!

So, I got back into my car after doing some last minute 4th of July shopping for my cookout and I put my key into the ignition and it wouldn’t turn. I tried and tried before finally calling these guys. They were able to show up in less than an hour and had me fixed up in another 20 minutes. Thank you so much guys, you were very nice and helped me out tons!

 by Jerry Hamiltion
Car Stuck In My Ignition

Not sure what had happened, but my car key got totally stuck inside the ignition of my Honda Civic. I figured I was going to have to find a auto shop to take it to and miss a day of work. Luckily after researching online I found these guys and realized they come out and do it on the spot. They came to my work place and did it in the parking lot in less than an hour. Awesome service.

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