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Schlage Lock Services – Rekeying – Lock Repair – Lock Change Denver CO

At Denver Locksmith Pros, we have extensive experience dealing with all forms of Schlage lock products for homes and businesses of all kinds. We can provide parts for you when you need a repair, rekey, or lock replacement for your Schlage lock.

Schlage Lock Repair

We can repair your Schlage Lock products back to working order quickly and afford ably  Our Locksmith Pros will diagnose your lock problem and begin taking apart your lock to replace the pins, levers or door knob.

Schlage Lock Rekey

Rekeying your Schlage locks can provide you with extra security for your home or business. Our locksmiths can rekey your locks in a fashion that will make accessing your home or business easier and simpler while making sure that you know exactly what keys open each door.


Schlage Lock Installation

We can install fresh locks for you if you need your locks changed, or if you have a new door that needs the security of some sort. Our locksmiths can recommend the right security level for your hardware and can bring the parts necessary for your job.

Schlage Lock Products We Offer

  • Door Knobs
  • Deadbolts
  • Lever Handles
  • Handlesets
  • Electronic Keypad Access
  • High-Security Locks
  • Push button Locks
  • Mortise Locks

Schlage has been a noteworthy maker of locking gadgets for more 90 years, as indicated by the organization profile. All the locking items produced by Schlage accompany a guideline and-establishment manual that runs downs the part numbers for new parts for every gadget. It is less expensive to supplant the damaged piece of a Schlage lock than it is to replace the whole entire assembly.

Before purchasing Schlage Locks, factor in the following aspects


First, you have to focus the capacity of the door lock. For most cases, you will need a Privacy Lock. What does this mean, you ask? A Privacy lock implies you can shut the door lock from one side either utilizing a push lock instrument or a thumb turn.

Schlage lock passcodeSo now that you have a smart thought of your coveted lock capacity, you can concentrate on quality. Pretty much as with any buy, you need to verify you are obtaining your inside door lock equipment from a trusted lock organization, in the same way as Schlage, that fabricates fantastic door locks. Search for organizations that respect both a Lifetime mechanical guarantee and a Lifetime complete guarantee.

In terms of selecting inside door lock equipment for your washroom you need first to take a gander at the completion or kind of metal/material utilized as a part of the gate lock. These completions can extend from verifiable prominent achievements like Bright Brass and Satin Nickel to more advanced ends like Bright Chrome and Matte Black. A decent, dependable guideline is to compliment your current washroom apparatuses with your inside door lock equipment.


In the wake of choosing the completion, you have to think about whether as a door lock handle or door lock lever would work best in your lavatory. Why does it matter, you ask? While door lock handles and door lock levers work the same, they do give an alternate look and style to the room. Furthermore, door lock bars are regularly perfect for youthful youngsters or those with joint inflammation or need the additional influence the door lock lever gives to open the washroom door lock. Door lock bars are likewise not quite the same as door lock handles in that they are ADA agreeable.


Schlage Decorative Collections even permits you to make a completely custom inside equipment look that is extraordinary to you. Utilizing the Decorative Collections configuration you can fabricate your optimal washroom door lock and discover where it’s sold in stores or on the web.

Types Of Schlage Locks We Service For The Denver Metro Area

-Trim Assembly
The trim gathering of a Schlage lock is the interior parts of the gadget. Every model or kind of Schlage item has every individual part recorded in the administration manual that accompanies the article. Figure out which part is failing or harmed and request that new section to revise the issue.

-Knock or Lever Assembly
The knock or lever assembly is the door lock handle of a Schlage locking gadget. The handles come in diverse plans, for example, Georgian, Levron or Orbit. In the event, that the handle is damaged on a Schlage lock, figure out which plan it is and request a substitution handle. You additionally must recognize what sort of completion the handle get together has. Schlage locks have fashioned iron, metal or stainless steel wraps up.

The lock of a Schlage lock is one unit or part. The organization offers a dead hook, spring lock or rabbeted hook with strike plate, so you must know which sort your Schlage lock utilizes before requesting a lock.

The strike plate on a Schlage lock is the part that joins to the door jamb. Hit plates accompany square corners and round corners and also distinctive sizes and shapes. The administration manual will let you know the length and size of your specific strike plate.

The barrel of a Schlage lock is the part where you embed the way to lock or unlock the door lock handle. Every chamber get together varies by sort lock. The barrel is an exactness gadget with close resilience, so requesting the right house is an essential when repairing a Schlage lock. You can ask individual parts of the barrel, however unless you have encounter as a locksmith, it is best to request the whole chamber gathering.

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 by William Tunsel

After about an hour of arguing with my friend that Schlage was the better choice than Kwikset, I ran across this article from these guys that just so happened to be in my neck of the woods. Very informative I might add. A week later, I had these guys at my home installing my new Schlage locks. Wonderful and timely service and I will call them again if I ever need myself a locksmith. Also, I totally won that argument! :D

 by Al Roule
5 Schlage Locks Changed

I had these guys come replace the locks in my house after my crazy roommate moved out. I knew he still had a key somewhere to the old locks. He put on some very secure locks that where way better than the others we had before. He told me Schlage makes some of the best locks in the world. Price was good too. No ex roommate worries here. haha..

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