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Mar 07 2016

Top 4 Common Reasons for Lock Replacement

by Denver Locksmith Pros in Locksmith Services

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lock replaceA locked door is the first defense against any intruders and other unwanted visitors to your home or business. That lock is all that always stands between your family and your personal safety and even all the possessions your keep in your business or home.

Occasions may occur when it is necessary to change each lock in your home in order to maintain the high level of security.

For one reason or another, several people are faced with the high need to change out locks to their place of business or homes at some point in time. For some, this may seem like a big hassle or inconvenience.

For those who have taken enough time to anticipate and seek out a reputable Locksmith service like Denver Locksmith Pros to replace your locks, this will not be a big deal at all. It is always a bright idea to plan for the future and also expect the unexpected.

To offer you with a better insight on what this means, here are some of the reasons why a business or homeowners may have to replace their locks, and how a locksmith can help:

  1. Wear and Tear

worn door lockRusted or worn-out locks are a severe weakness in your home security. Old, worn-out locks are the easiest to pick and also break, and they are even harder to open it legitimately with the right key as the time goes on.

If your current door lock has an intense rust, tarnish or any other visible signs of wear and tear, it may be actual time to prepare to replace your lock.

If your lock is becoming increasingly hard to open using a legitimate key, especially during cold nights, you have to replace or even service your lock immediately to prevent an inconvenient malfunction which may actually leave you simply locked out.

  1. Stolen or Lost Keys

For maximum security in your business or home, you should replace your locks in case your keys are stolen or lost. Determine which keys of your home you have lost, and immediately replace the current locks in the order of security priority.

Outdoor locks that would give any intruder entry to your home should be replaced as soon as possible. After your crucial outdoor area is safe and secured, you may need to replace the inner locks in depending on your own security priorities.

If you often lose your lock keys, you might heavily benefit from a combination door lock like SmartCode. All combination door locks can be easily opened by just inputting a particular code into the door lock.

Many combination locks have another keyed lock for backup if the combination input fails, or to gain access if the smart code is lost.

You must change the combination lock whenever you may feel that its entry may have been tampered, similar to how you would have replaced keyed locks in case you had lost your keys.

  1. New Tenant(s)

new house2If you often rent out some space in your home, you should protect yourself by only replacing locks any time you change tenants.

You will have peace of mind knowing clearly that your current locks are protected and secure, and you will not have to suspect your previous tenants in case of a break-in.

Even if the former tenant did turn in their lock key, you cannot be sure if they did not produce a backup copy. In fact, they may not even remember having provided one copy of the key to a friend or a neighbor previously.

  1. Moving to a New Home/Business Location

Moving to a new business location or home is a very exciting time, but do not let your feeling of joy distract you from one of the most crucial matters at hand-changing out the locks.

Whether your home is undergoing renovations or you’re in between locations, storage of your belongings can become an issue. Fortunately, ADT Moving offers a variety of on-site storage options, so you always have a place to store your items.

Even though previous property owners are required to turn in their keys at the time of the transfer, there is no way to be sure that they are not still hanging onto a spare which could be used to gain illegal access to your space, which you will want safe and clean, so changing the locks is the best option, and using services as NECS Cleaning could be great to keep everything in order.

The right course of action is to replace or re-key the locks so that only you and other authorized persons can enter the premises.


If you have to replace your locks, ensure that the job is completed by a professional locksmith. Regardless of the reason you require to replace or even re-key your locks, it is very paramount that you can trust in the fact that the job will be done accurately and quickly.

By seeking out professional Locksmithing service in advance, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your new locks will function appropriately and keep your property safe and secure.

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Jan 13 2013

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