May 29 2015

Changing Locks After Moving To A New House: Why Is It Important?

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Moving in to a new residential premise can be tiring and sometimes stressful, and if you are moving to cincinnati, you should hire the best company of the market. as a result homeowners are bound to forget some of the basic rules of moving, the residential must have commercial security systems and give you a safe olution. One of these basic rules is that locks should be changed when moving in to a new house. The primary reason for this is security and privacy.

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It is paramount to change the locks of an older home to guarantee the security and privacy of one’s family. This is because the previous owner, some of their family members as well as friends and co-workers may have spare keys to the house. It is pretty risky to reside in a house whose doors can be accessed by strangers.

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In every home, having reliable tools to do some simple house works is a good investment for you, especially in changing locks. Another reason why changing locks is important is that the integrity of the existing locks may be compromised. This may be due to previous break-ins, age or the locks may be of a poor quality. It is advisable for homeowners to purchase and install their own locks instead of relying on the existing locks for security and privacy. Have a look at the best Smart Locks that Work with Alexa voice assistant which can help you avoid these terrible events.

The locks of a newly built home may feel secure; however, one can never be too sure. Realtors, builders and anyone with access to the house’s lock box may have a spare key to the house. In this regard, the locks of a newly built home are also not a 100% secure, and changing them upon moving in will be crucial to the security and privacy of the family.

Though key controlled locks are highly recommended, when moving in to a house with such locks, changing them will be inevitable. This is because it will be difficult to make copies of the original key and thus the only other option available is to install a brand new lock system. It is important to consult a locksmith on the kind of locks to install.

guy changin a lockReplacement of locks should always be done after loss of keys. Lost keys can end up in the wrong hands and put a homeowner in danger of break-ins. Thus, when moving in to a previously occupied home it is important to change the locks as there is no guarantee the previous owner had the keys in their possession during their time in the house.

The easiest and most common entry points of any house are the doors. Therefore, the first locks that should be changed immediately after moving in to a house are the door locks, in particular external doors, the door that connects the garage and the interior of the house, and the garage door. In case that you need Garage Door Repairs it’s as simple as finding the best company online that can fix your problem at an affordable price.

When it comes to securing the interior of a home after moving in, there are two options available to homeowners, rekeying and changing the lock. Rekeying is the simpler and convenient of the two options but not the safest. It is sometimes possible to have external doors keyed to one key. In such a situation it is important to consult a locksmith on re-keying.

Re-keying is commonly used in instances where copies of the keys are suspected to be in the hands of strangers such as the family of the home’s previous owner. The re-keying procedure entails the alteration of the tumbler and changing the configuration of the water. When this is done the lock can only accept the new key and the old key becomes invalidated. Re-keying can be done by any professional locksmith.

The second option entails replacing the entire lock with a new lock system. This is a more expensive option, however, it guarantees safety. This option is particularly ideal in circumstances where the integrity of the existing lock system is in doubt. Here it is not the key that is problematic but the lock itself that is of a low quality or has been damaged

deadbolt lockThe responsibility of ensuring that locks are changed lies with the moving individual. However, if a person is moving in to a new apartment or rented house the responsibility shifts to the manager, owner or landlord. Before changing the locks it is important to consult with the relevant individual on who has the authority to access the house. In the case of apartment, the lock systems are built in such a way that they can be accessed using one master key. The key is given to the maintenance crew for convenience.

In the case of a townhouse or a condor, the design and type of lock used on all front doors is usually uniform. Before changing the locks it is advisable to consult with the community association representative on the option to take, whether to replace the lock system or to have the locks re-keyed.

Replacing a lock is not a complex procedure and some homeowners may feel the urge to change the locks independently. However, there is a difference between changing the locks and changing them correctly. Professional locksmiths possess the expertise and tools needed in the process of changing a lock. Thus it is important to hire a locksmith to change the locks of a house.

Changes in technology have had a profound effect on the manufacture of door locks. Therefore the security standards of lock systems are always changing, especially in regards to insurance. Changing the locks instead of re-keying is the best way of ensuring that all the locks meet the required safety standards. For instance locks that use the Euro type cylinder should have the BSI kite mark and more importantly should have a three star rating.

A cylinder system that is not market is easy to break in to and burglars require zero power tools to break in. On the other hand locks that use the five mortice system also need to have the kite mark of quality. These types of lock develop problems as a result of continued usage. When the locks become difficult to open, changing them becomes necessary. When moving in it is important to consult a locksmith on whether the locks are of the required quality or not and if not, which lock systems are best for which doors. In conclusion, replacing locks when moving is a better option than simply re-keying the keys.

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